Mark's Scholarly activities

My scholarly interests include real analysis, fractal geometry, real and complex dynamics, and computer graphics illustrating these ideas. My images have been featured on the covers of The Mathematica Journal, Mathematica in Education and Research, The Mathematical Intelligencer, and Math Horizons.

My publication rate has slowed these past few years while I worked heavily as a consultant for Wolfram Research; mostly, I developed mathematical content for Wolfram|Alpha. I also developed some functionality in Mathematica V10. While I still use Mathematica quite a lot, I'm also trying to expand my horizons to use open tools, such as Python for computation and Javascript for visualization, when appropriate.

In the Summers of 2015 and 2016 I participated in a teacher training workshops organized by FCR-STEM and funded by the US DOE Math-Science Partnership. The long term purpose is to study the impact of teacher content knowledge on student learning outcomes. It was loads of fun to develop dynamic illustrations of basic mathematics to support this project; I've archived my tools on this web page.


Fractals in real and abstract analysis

Fractals from a computational perspective

Computational discrete mathematics

Columns from Mathematica in Education and research, plus one invited review