Syllabus for Summer Calculus II

Professor: Mark McClure

Course purpose

As you know, calculus is a powerful set of tools built on the notions of limit and infinity that help us analyze functions and solve many applied problems. In this course, we'll push the ideas you learned in Calculus I further to study:

Course structure

This class is offered in a hybrid mode, which gives us a lot of flexibility. My intention is to teach from the classroom almost every day. Our classroom has a good audio visual set up, so I'll use the camera and microphone to allow students to Zoom in to lecture, if they like. I do encourage students to come to class physically, but that will only be required on exam day.

Having said that, this is emphatically not an asynchronous class. Attendance during the class period (in person or via Zoom) will be required and participation will be imortant. We will do group work almost every day (either in a Zoom breakout room or in a small group in the classroom) and that participation will count signficantly towards your grade.

In addition, while one can take this class mostly online, I do plan to have two in class exams - one midterm on Friday, June 25 and a final exam on the last day of class, which is Friday, July 16.


The number one tool that you'll need is a computer and a good internet connection. At this point, I suspect that most students are fully comfortable with Zoom. While I generally plan to teach in the classroom, it's certainly possible that I'll teach remotely a few times. A smart phone will often not be sufficient since we'll frequently need to access:

There are some tools that we will not use:


Your rights and responsibilities

It's worth understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student at UNCA. One of my responsibilities is to make sure you have the information that you need to do that. Since this is common to all classes, I've got that information on this legalese document.