Syllabus for Partial Differential Equations

Professor: Mark McClure

Course purpose

As you learn in Math 394, differential equations are the mathematical tool used to model quantities that change continuously over time. We use PDEs to model quantities which vary over time and space - kinda like the Twilight Zone! In this class, we'll learn about


Course structure

This course is offered in the "hybrid" mode, which gives us a lot of flexibility to deal with the unique challenges the last year has brought. My intention is to provide as much flexibility to students as possible. To that end:


There will be three major components to your grade, all of which can be done remotely:


Your rights and responsibilities

It's worth understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student at UNCA. One of my responsibilities is to make sure you have the information that you need to do that. Since this is common to all classes, I've got that information on this legalese document.