Syllabus for Statistics 185

Professor: Mark McClure

Statistics vs data science

Check out Wikipedia's article on Data Science. Quoting from that article, I guess that

Just what is this hot, new field?

Course purpose

Statistics (or Data Science, if you prefer) is an applied field with a wide range of practial applications that is of growing importance in today's data driven world. In this course, you will:


Course structure

This course is listed as a "hybrid" course, giving us a lot of flexibility to set up the course in the best way to deal with Covid. The experience of the last few semesters indicates that the course lends itself to an online experience so it is my intention to run it mostly online. Here are the details of how that should work:



Your rights and responsibilities

It's worth understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student at UNCA. One of my responsibilities is to make sure you have the information that you need to do that. Since this is common to all classes, I've got that information on this legalese document.