Revised syllabus for Linear Algebra II

New or substantially changed material is indicated in bold green.

Professor: Mark McClure

Course purpose

With a prerequisite of Linear I, the expectation for this course is that you

Not surprisingly, we will further develop all of these things in this second semester class. We will not, however, simply jump in at the end of Linear I. Rather, we will start over with a major focus on the applied perspective. Thus, in this class, we will:

Thus, we will not use the computer as a Black Box - rather, we will try to understand how the software works. When we do so, it turns out that the very foundations of linear algebra need to be reconsidered. We will need to re-examine Gaussian elimination, for example, to minimize the amount of numerical error that is introduced. The concepts of determinant and inverse, while still important conceptually, turn out to be essentially useless from the numerical perspective.



The standard 90-80-70-60 scale will guarantee you an A, B, C, or D. However, it is quite likely that the final scale will be shifted down from this. You will be apprised of your standing as the term progresses.


Your rights and responsibilities

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