Syllabus for Differential Equations

Professor: Mark McClure

Course purpose

Three semesters of calculus really culminate in Differential Equations which forms the ultimate language of dynamics and change. Newton's motivating application of calculus (an understanding of the motions of the heavens) boiled down to describing that motion with a set of differential equations and then trying to understand those equations. In this course we will study:


Course structure

This course is offered as a "hybrid" course, meaning that it will run partly in person and partly online. According to the "official" schedule, we're supposed to meet M in the classroom and W online. I'd prefer to offer as much flexibility as possible, however. With that in mind, all classes will be available via zoom. I might come in on Wednesdays to deliver lecture as well, if the room is available.

Having said that, you are expected to attend class and participate; it will affect your grade, as described below.


All assessment will be done remotely; there will be no in class quizzes or exams.


Your rights and responsibilities

It's worth understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student at UNCA. One of my responsibilities is to make sure you have the information that you need to do that. Since this is common to all classes, I've got that information on this legalese document.