How do I input images, code, and groovy typeset mathematics?

To start a discussion, just hit the big New Discussion button that appears when you're logged into the front page. To comment on an existing discussion, just start typing in the Leave a Comment box that appears at the bottom of a discussion. This should look something like so:

Generally, input is Markdown but you've got a few buttons above the comment box to help you out. In particular, the button on the right is for uploading images. That's how included the images in this post.

Typeset mathematics

Sometimes, we'd like to enter typeset mathematics. For example, the equation of a line is %%y=mx+b%%. This is accomplished by wrapping the portion you want typeset in delimiters %%like so%%. Thus, for example, I typed the equation of line like so: %%y=mx+b%%.

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