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Your golden rectangle fractal


(10 pts)

Your mission in this problem is to generate a golden rectangle fractal using the cod in this Observable notebook. Specifically, you’ll extract a sub-graph of the digraph for the full golden rectangle / square digraph pair. Once you do so, respond here with:

  1. An image of the 0^{\text{th}} attractor and
  2. The dimension of the attractor.

To get your specific sub-graph, choose your name here:


This is my sub-graph:

The dimension of the attractor is 1.792463490595278


The dimension was 1.7333638761871373

  1. Generating my golden rectangle fractal I got:
  2. The dimension of my attractor was: 1.4404
  1. The image of my 0^{th} attractor is:

  2. The dimension of the attractor is 1.5229419515675298


My attractor is:

The dimension of this attractor \approx 1.1295.


This should be my sub-graph:

And the dimension is approximately 1.7333638761871373.