Syllabus for our LAC on Chaos and Fractals

Professor: Mark McClure

Course purpose

This course is Math 178 - A Liberal Arts Colloquium on Fractals and Chaos. It is a Mathematics class, though one without specific pre-requisites. The course description also makes it clear that there will be some work on the computer. Thus, this class is relatively technical amongst our First Year Colloquia. If you're curious or concerned, I've set up a page outlining the specific skills that should be useful in this class.

On the other hand, according to the Liberal Arts First-Year Colloquia website,

Although each FYC has its own specific academic content, each is also designed to introduce students to higher education within a Liberal Arts environment, particularly by integrating information and intellectual approaches from different disciplines to address the multidisciplinary nature of liberal studies. They may also introduce students to the cultural events and special opportunities specific to our campus, ...

Considering this, we will strive to make this course broadly applicable to your college experience. While the content might seem at times fairly specialized, many of the skills we develop and the tools we use will be useful throughout your academic work, particularly for those of you who major in technical disciplines.

Taking all of this into account, we will focus on developing skills in the following areas:




Here are a few resources you should be aware of to help you succeed in this class.