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At least two people have asked me for some real analysis notes by Terence Tao, and since we had a resources post on here last semester, it seemed like a fair idea. Post any relevant or useful resources for real analysis or numerical analysis here.

Here are two courses worth of real analysis notes by Terence Tao (under week $x$) -
First semester
Second semester


Thank you @Cromer here is a picture of a panda for your trouble!


Thanks Dylan, I really appreciated these resources and links.


If we color the even numbers of Pascal's triangle... oh my goodness is that, yes yes it is Sierpinski's gasket


@Professor.Membrane This fact was first noticed (or at least first published) by Stephen Wolfram in Geometry of Binomial Coefficients which appeared in the Monthly in 1984. Maybe, that's why it's so easy to make with Mathematica:

Grid[CellularAutomaton[90, {{1}, 0}, 16]] /.
  0 -> Style[0, GrayLevel[0.9]]