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Lecture topics


Figured we could use a place to discuss and plan what we are going to do.


Has everyone chosen their topics? It would be nice to know whats left to choose from.


Matt and I were thinking about doing inner product space stuff and aproxomation stuff and maybe metric spaces a little . Nothing quite hammered out yet


For anyone that's interested: Newman's Short Proof of the Prime Number Theorem i.e. $\pi(x) \sim x/\log x$


@Ricky_Bobby and I (Taylor and Matt) will be presenting on Monday and Wednesday of next week (3/4 and 3/6).

I believe on Monday we will be building up Inner Product Spaces and L^2.

The content for Wednesday will probably involve approximating functions with Legendre polynomials, which Taylor talks about here.


@violincounter Sounds good! Let's plan on chatting about the talk some time soon.


Just to clarify with everyone, I will be giving a lecture on affine sets Wednesday 4/20.