Getting started on Observable

So you wanted to get started with Observable? The easiest way to take your first steps is to simply open up a notebook and start tinkering.

A live example

Let's open this visualization of Lebron James' shot chart and try to build a histogram illustrating shot distance.

The next steps

There are two main things you can't do on Observable, until you get an account:

If you'd like your account tied to your UNCA account, simply use the "Continue with Google" button that pops up when you try to sign in for the first time. There are a few types of accounts

You really can do a tremendous amount with free accounts. You can upload as much data as you want, create as many notebooks as you want, and use every Javascript library you want. Everything I've built can be created with free accounts.

One thing you can't do with a free account is work in private. If you have any data security concerns, then this can be an issue.